We Love Weddings: A FAQ Session with Christa


How would you describe the process of working, from start to finish, with a couple to create their various paper products?  Are there certain steps you take, or does it depend on the couple?
For custom wedding invitations, I have a process I follow that ensures no detail is left behind. It starts with a meeting outlined by my questions and once I feel comfortable I understand the vision, we move to the design stage. I review what we spoke of, details noted, design ideas and then the real designing begins. Mockups are all sent electronically. When a design is chosen, modifications will be made, approved and materials will be ordered. If assembly is required, that is added to the timeline and then finally they will either be shipped to the couple or I can personally mail them out for the couple.

Do brides/couples usually come to you with ideas about what they want, or is it more common to work together to figure out the perfect design?
Generally we start the design process with a meeting in which we talk about where they are in the planning process, what flowers or dresses they’ve chosen or like, a few questions about your theme and personal style – and from there most brides leave it up to me to come up with new and exciting ways to put their wedding on paper (or other materials!). I like to personalize each one to match their wedding – there is never a detail on a design that doesn’t have a reason.

What do you like about letterpress as opposed to other forms of printing?
There’s something about my old press that has been in use for 100 years that is endearing and special. A labor of love. You set up each design on the press, ink it, hand feed and print each invitation, and do it all over again for each color. Designing something unique, getting off your computer and printing it yourself is so rewarding in this digital age. Of course there’s the much sought after impression left on a thick piece of cotton paper or being able to print on wood veneer, coasters, hang tags, birch bark…the list goes on!

How far in advance should a couple contact you before the big day?
Going custom is certainly a much longer process, yet it might be the easiest part of the wedding planning process for the Bride. I pretty much serve everything up on a silver platter and they only have to tell me what they like and don’t like. For customized wedding invitations I like to have about 3 months prior to sending out the invitations. This gives us time to meet, design, revise and print in a non-stressful timeline.
If we’re starting with the Save the Dates, I suggest they contact me 2 months before the bride wants to send them out – or approximately 8 months before the wedding date.

How is working with you different?
I have to say that I naturally lean towards a feminine, pretty & fresh look – something that is less common in some of today’s simple, understated & modern designs. And I’ve always been interested in all things creative – photography, painting, drawing, printing – all these hobbies make me a stronger stationer as my work is influenced by many mediums.

What is the best part about working with brides?
I love “love” – you name it: romantic movies, a great novel, sappy songs and weddings. You hear the bride’s story and how they came together, stayed together, what this day is all about. It gives you a little rush and a lot of inspiration. Everybody’s story is amazing – it’s easy to forget in all the hustle and bustle, but your love story is what makes the wedding of your dreams come alive.

We Love Weddings: Interview & FAQs with Christa Alexandra Designs