Letterpress + Printing

Our Letterpress here at Christa Alexandra Designs: Chandler & Price 1918Letterpress is an antique printing process dating back to the 1400’s when they hand set each piece of type and hand fed each piece of paper through a machine that would make a single color print. In the past couple decades letterpress has made a comeback, people are loving the soft indentation left behind by the machine pressing the design into the thick cotton paper.

A beautiful fusion of old practices and new practices has allowed us to use a plate (much like a stamp) in place of movable type. The plate is created from a digital design and allows for great flexibility and customization, but as before only one color can be printed at a time and each paper must be hand fed into the press. Each new color is another run though the press. Hundreds of pounds of pressure push the ink from the raised design of the plate into the paper, leaving behind a crisp and beautiful print. It’s a labor of love that gives stunning results – if you’re looking for a way to impress the crowd and give them something they’ll never want to throw away, letterpress just might be for you.

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